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Wimsal Protest against Rape in Sierra Leone

Protest against rape and presentation of position papers to some stakeholders attended by the Minister of Social Welfare and the Attorney General and  Minister Justice who addressed the female journalist on the…


Press Release: WIMSAL condemns the rape and death of a young woman

17th August, 2015: Freetown, Sierra Leone: WIMSAL is appalled and disappointed by the news and information on various news outlets and social media of the alleged rape and murder case…


Encouraging more female representation

WIMSAL encourages and advocates for more female journalists on the field and in editorial positions.


Advocating women’s issues

One of its fundamental mandates is to advocate for women and issues affecting women in Sierra Leone, Africa and worldwide. This is done through special reports and broadcasts on women’s…

Television women

Promoting women with technical skills

WIMSAL encourages and support women with media technical capabilities and encourages more female representation in jobs in the media once reserved for men.


Building networks

With its nationwide membership, WIMSAL works to build and strengthen stronger networks among female journalists in Sierra Leone.

WIMSAL Strategic Plan 2010-2013 for the web.pdf - Adobe Reader

Training female journalists

WIMSAL collaborates with media capacity building organisations to train female journalists nationwide on skills needed to become successful practicing journalists.

Increase in Reported Rape cases

PRESS RELEASE 1st July, 2013 Increase in Reported Rape cases Women in the media Sierra Leone (WIMSAL) wishes to express its disappointment over recent increase in the number of reported…


The new WIMSAL President

In April this year WIMSAL voted in a new set of leaders for the next-two year period. The woman at the helm of affairs, is one of Sierra Leone’s finests…


WIMSAL elects new executive (April, 2013)

Women in the Media Sierra Leone conducted its first Annual General Meeting in the Southern City of Bo which also saw the election of a new executive board. On 27th,…